Meeting the internet challenge

April 28, 2009 in General, News

malta_01.jpgWebmasters from a number of European Jesuit Provinces are meeting this week (30 April to 3 May) in Malta to pool their ideas with regard to the best ways to use the internet to convey the Jesuit message. Last year the meeting was held in Barcelona, with Piaras Jackson SJ leading the way. Piaras is at this year’s meeting too, as is Pat Coyle, manager of the Jesuit Communication Centre. The attendants expect to take a good look at recent web developments in the various Provinces and to discuss current online trends and the role that spirituality can play in internet life – all in the light of what General Congregation 35 had to say about the importance of communications. They will take time out, however, to visit the ancient city of Mdina (pictured here) and some of the famous neolithic temples on the island.