First Cycle: Reptiles and the rising sun

March 21, 2019 in Mad Messiah

The First Cycle – Reptiles and the Rising Sun – is a satirical take on middle class Dublin. This is a group of people whom I know particularly well and with whom I feel very much at home. That makes it easy to do what I have done to them in these poems. I could have written much in praise of that same group but it would not be nearly as interesting. When you describe virtue you have to be faithful to the facts, whereas satire opens the door to creativity. Mind you, the end of this cycle moves beyond satire to a vision of Ireland. Middle class Dublin is part of a wider story; we all have roots in something deeper.

Listen to me reading the full First Cycle below. If you would prefer to listen to any one specific poem in the cycle, see the links further down. Click first for PDF (left column) and then for Audio (right column).

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Killer Cain »

The Coming of the Dinosaurs »

The Little Dinosaur and His Big Sister »

The Quivering Rattle Snake »

Monsignor Boa Constrictor »

Mother Anaconda »

The Great Black Mamba »

Tony Cobra »

Peter Python »

Eddie Adder »

The Assembly of the Snakes »

The Mother of Sin »

The Clown »

The Legend of the Wounded Snake »

Brother Cain »