Gonzaga galaxy

January 6, 2011 in General, News

gonzaga_01This is the year that the Gonzaga class of 1972 (25 boys) came into its own, with an unusual range of services to the country.  Two of its lawyers  head respectively Ireland’s solicitors (who include three other class members) and its barristers. Their classmates include a Limerick farmer who is an activist (and Ph.D.) in environmental protection; a tree surgeon; an architect who is active in AMEN; a consultant physician in St Vincent’s Hospital; another in Beaumont; the headmaster of Castleknock College; the Irish ambassador in London; a director and executive in Independent News and Media; a History Professor in Trinity; a Trade Union official; a Director of the National Economic and Social Council; a professional photographer.  The six geographers in the class, who were judged too weak to attempt Greek, now include at least two PhDs. Apologies for omitting the other stars in this galaxy: no room.