Help name a new Jesuit Website!

January 6, 2009 in General, News

deep_down_01b.jpgConall O’Cuinn SJ, Irish Jesuit Vocations Director, is working with web developer Shane Lyons to develop a new website which aims to help people who have had a ‘call’ experience explore and deepen it. Conall invites the readers of AMDG to brainstorm with the team for a suitable name for this new website. is already taken. So what would you suggest? Why not email your ideas to [email protected]?

Many people have had deep moments when they felt called to step beyond the ordinary and do something great or beautiful for God and the world.  But many never moved further than that. At different moments the call may return until one day they pluck up their courage and share their experience with another. The interim period of living alone with the call can be quite lonely.

In talking to many people about ‘call’ Conall notices that many years can go by before a person pays serious attention to what is happening ‘deep down’. Thus the idea for Project DeepDown, an interactive site, a place where people could meet others who have similar experiences.  It would include many of the new web tools such as a blog, Facebook,  chat rooms and embedded YouTube and other video clips.  In this way people will be facilitated in sharing their experiences, and give room for other to comment. Also people could propose new materials which would keep the site alive and fresh thereby inviting repeat visits. The hope is that an exploring e-community would develop over time where people would listen together to what the spirit is calling them to.

So why not join Project DeepDown by suggesting a web name.