Father General: Inclusive, global and charged with love

September 15, 2009 in General, News

sup_gen_first_01You know charism when you encounter it. After four days in the company of the charismatic Adolfo, the Irish Jesuits and their partners in mission are elated and energised. Paradoxically, Fr Nicolás would not want his charism to be the focus of our memories. A recurring theme of his talks and homilies was that the ego – including his ego – has to be left behind if growth is to happen. Speaking of the multiple works and missions of the Irish Jesuits, he asked: “How many deaths were there, to make all this blossoming possible?” – and under deaths he included all the disappointments, partings, failures, and pains that lie hidden in that history. The abiding impression he leaves is upbeat: of an outreach that is inclusive, global and charged with love.