Death of Jack Donovan SJ

October 7, 2008 in General, News

jack_donovan_01.jpgFr Jack Donovan (pictured here at the time of his ordination) has died in London, a largely forgotten hero. He had worked in London for forty years, and on one occasion volunteered for a parish that no other priest could handle. A parish priest had been convicted of child abuse, provoking understandable fury in the parishioners. In the spirit of the Ignatian Third Degree of humility Jack lived with the hatred, anger and resistance of the parish. In the end the people learned to accept this quiet, inarticulate, intensely private Corkman. He seldom appeared in Ireland, and eventually retired to be first a chaplain, then a resident in sheltered accommodation in London. Brian Grogan and other Jesuits will join his funeral next weekend.