Feedback for Jesuits on GC35

April 1, 2008 in General, News

prov_assemb2.jpgThe Irish Jesuits held their annual Assembly on 30 March, which was entitled ‘Called to the Frontiers‘ and focused on the recent General Congregation 35 in Rome. The two Irish delegates (pictured) who had attended the Congregation, Provincial John Dardis SJ and Jim Corkery SJ, addressed the Assembly on the Election of the new Father General, Adolfo Nicolás, the Congregation documents produced, and on strengthening the relationship with Rome. John Dardis gave a warm account of the process of electing the General and Jim Corkery gave his account of what it was like to be involved in writing one of the Congregation documents. These documents are currently being translated and prepared, and should hopefully be available by the end of April.