Jordan Spieth at Jesuit, Dallas

April 15, 2015 in 20150415, Featured News, News

This week the world’s eyes (especially golfing eyes) were focused on Jordan Spieth, the astonishing 21-year-old who won the US Masters title on Low Sunday. He has a strong link with the Jesuits, having attended the Jesuit College in Dallas, Texas. He missed his graduation because he was playing in a high-level golf competition at the time. An uncited source reports that he did the Kairos retreat, an intense spiritual exercise shared by older students with younger.

A letter which Spieth wrote in 2009 to the donors to a memorial scholarship has emerged. He was the recipient of the fund, which, he stressed, allowed him to further his education on all fronts. “I play on the Jesuit golf team,” he told them, “and I am ranked the number 1 junior golfer in the country. My dream is to play professionally and to win the Masters.”

“Because of your scholarship fund,” he concluded, “I am able to strengthen my academics as well as my golf game at Jesuit.”

Jordan Spieth