New program for AIDS orphans

May 12, 2008 in General, International, News

Global Friends in Action project, 37 & More Global Friends in Action, a small NGO founded by Michael T. Kelly SJ, has launched a new program called 37&More, which provides care for children orphaned by AIDS in a large slum on the edge of Kabwe, Zambia. The program will protect and provide support for orphans and vulnerable children, who, in the shanty town of about 60,000 inhabitants, are among those worst affected by HIV/Aids. The program includes education, shelter, nutrition, clothing, medical and legal care, counselling and spiritual support, and protection against abuse and exploitation. The program also trains children from HIV/Aids affected families in both construction and business skills, and will build small, modest size houses for HIV/Aids affected families- often grandmothers who are raising their orphaned grandchildren. Michael T. Kelly SJ, who also founded Kara Counselling Training Trust, is currently the Director of Development in the Zambia/Malawi province. For more information: Global Friends in Action.