Remembering a remarkable man

June 29, 2010 in General, News

todd_morrissey_01Irish Jesuit Ciaran Kane gave a ringing endorsement to Todd Morrissey SJ’s book  Thomas F. Ryan SJ: From Cork to China and Windsor Castle, launched in Belvedere College, Great Denmark Street, 17 June. “This is the man I knew,” he said, holding up the book. Fr Kane, a missionary in Hong Kong, spoke of Tom Ryan’s incredible life as explored in the  biography. “Thomas was a musician, art critic, broadcaster, teacher, innovator who even became a Minister in the Hong Kong government! He had a strong commitment to the poor in Ireland, China and Hong Kong.” Referring to the fact that Thomas Ryan was unusually and unjustly sacked from his position as a Jesuit superior, he said that the  unvarnished truth was the hallmark of Fr Morrissey’s excellent biography. The book is available in Veritas and in the Messenger Office bookshop.