Short notices

August 31, 2010 in General, News
  • malawi_01Michael Hanly, now working with Concern in Malawi, has two links with the Jesuits: he attended Belvedere from his native Leixlip, and later spent two years at a Jesuit-run development centre in Malawi. His latest project is teaching bee-keeping in Malawi’s Ngara Forest Reserve: “Bee keeping, he says, does take some training and initial investment for hives, equipment and smokers, but it is a low-risk activity requiring no farm land, no heavy labour, and the groups are meeting a niche in the market, where high prices reflect a high level of demand.”
  • (From the Connaught Telegraph) At the annual Maimean pilgrimage in County Mayo, Fr Micheal MacGreil SJ gave a powerfully political as well as spiritual sermon as he prayed for the unemployed. It sounded like a Marxist analysis as he pointed out that work and labour bear little connection with pay and reward: “It was not the employed or the workers that brought the country to its knees, but money being sent out to make more money.” Karl Marx is no longer anyone’s flavour of the month, but he did tell some home truths about labour and its rewards or lack of them.
  • Michael Sheil SJ has been appointed acting Rector of Belvedere College while continuing to reside in Clongowes.
  • British Jesuit Father Nicholas King has been made one of three Chaplains of Honour of the Sanctuaries during a celebration of Mass at the Grotto in Lourdes by the Catholic Association Pilgrimage. Read the full story at