Short notices

September 14, 2010 in General, News
  • dsoffe_01Last week saw the departure from the Office of Partners in Mission in the Irish Jesuit Curia of Deirdre Soffe, who is moving with her husband to Qatar. “I would like,” says Deirdre, “to thank everyone throughout the Province for their friendship and support in carrying out our work in the Partners in Mission office over the last number of years. As I leave to live abroad I will pray for you all and for the Society of Jesus into the future.”
  • The President of Milltown Institute extends an open invitation to the Inaugural Lecture of the Academic Year on Wednesday, 6th October 2010 at 19.30, in the Theatre, Milltown Park, followed by a Reception. Rev. Dr Ian Ker, of Oxford University, a world-renowned expert on the life and works of Cardinal Newman, will speak on ‘John Henry Cardinal Newman’s Idea of a University’.
  • Dermot Mansfield’s book on John Henry Cardinal Newman, who is due to be beatified by Pope Benedict next Sunday, has been published by Veritas and is available to be purchased from their website. It is called Heart speaks to Heart. Dermot will be contributing to the RTE TV commentary on the beatification on Sunday.
  • Bill Toner’s friend Fr Thadeus Mkamwa has been given the job of setting up a new university college in a rather remote part of Tanzania, and he wants books in the areas of Management and Business, Geography and History, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry and English Literature, Linguistics, Special Education, religion and philosophy; also academic journals. Thadeus will look after the shipping of these books himself, and Bill will be glad to store them in Milltown Park until they are collected and sent. Contact Bill at [email protected].
  • The Jesuit Centre for Faith and Justice, with the Centre for Service Learning UCD, are hosting an event, ‘Give Your Time, Use Your Skills, Change Your Perspectives’ to promote volunteering within the criminal justice area. This event is for college students in UCD but all are welcome, Wednesday, 22 September 2010, starting at 1:00 p.m. in the Quinn School of Business. Inputs from Peter McVerry SJ and Dr Michael McDonnell of the Quinn School of Business. Queries to [email protected].
  • At least three Jesuit scholars have taken up the issue of creation ex nihilo raised by renowned scientist Stephen Hawking in his recent book The Grand Design. Read Fr Robert Spitzer (head of  Magis Centre of Reason and Faith in USA); Guy Consolmagno and Christopher Corbally (astronomers at the Vatican Observatory).
  • The Leaving Cert results may be a brute index of a school’s performance, measuring only one aspect of a school’s life and a single dimension of a young person’s ability; but as the gateway to college and career, they matter. That said, the results in the five Jesuit colleges  this year ranged from very good to excellent. Most striking was Killian Donovan of Gonzaga, with 9 A1s – top honours in the country!