Ignatianised on the Camino

October 3, 2023 in Featured News, Featured Podcasts, News

A taxi driver from Dublin and a Jesuit priest walk the Ignatian Camino together. What could possibly go wrong? impassable roads, difficult conversations, a bank scam, heatwaves, heatstroke, hospitalization, dehydration and abandonment. Enough for them both to write a book (Brothers in Arms). Thankfully with the helping hand of God, the wisdom of Saint Ignatius and a bus full of nuns, Jimmy Fulham (taxi driver) and Brendan McManus SJ (Jesuit and author) made it to the finish line. Jimmy claims he is now “Ignatianised”.

Listen here to the full story in their own words – including Jimmy’s new phrase “getting Ignatianised” – with Pat Coyle.