3. Reflection (looking back on everyday events, they are seen differently)

December 5, 2017 in 10 Spiritual Exercises for Everyone

At the end of the day take 10 minutes to look back over the day. Initially this can seem pointless or a waste of time, given that ‘what is past, is past’, but there is something important to it. Left to our own devices we can easily see our day as vaguely unsatisfactory or even negative. This is only a partial or a limited view of what has happened. Before you look back through the day, ask God to help you see what is there and reveal what is important. This simple ‘act of faith or trust’ is significant in asking for a wider perspective. Try to look back through your day, as if you were replaying a video with you and God watching, and see what comes up. Notice if there is a difference with you reviewing the day on your own. Try these steps:

  1. Ask God to be with you; believe that God wants the best for you
  2. Review the day and try to find what you are grateful for
  3. Pay attention to your emotions, especially where they change
  4. Choose one difficulty in the day and ask God for light
  5. How could you live a better day tomorrow?