4. Freedom or detachment (when willpower is not enough)

December 5, 2017 in 10 Spiritual Exercises for Everyone

Often we become aware that we are in a rut with regards to our emotions or reactions to people and situations. For example, I can get angry whenever someone challenges me even in small ways. Sometimes I am conscious that I always fall into the same trap, that I act in exactly the same negative way, even though I don’t feel good about it and it doesn’t help relationships. In a real sense I don’t have any control over it- rather it has control over me.

Try admitting that you are powerless and that you need help – this is a very real form of prayer, demanding great humility and honesty. What can keep us trapped is the illusion that I should have everything worked out and that I can do everything on my own. Try using the words that Jesus uses on the Cross when he faces his limits “Into your hands I commend my Spirit”.

See what affect, if any this has on the situation, notice what resistances are in you, how easy is it to ask for help and how the situation is changed or not.

Try this exercise:
I pray for the gift (or grace), to grow as a person, to become free of any chains; to ask for the healing or strength to become a more loving person.