October 27, 2014 in Becoming a Jesuit

After completing his studies in philosophy a Jesuit will normally take two years to engage in apostolic work. It will be an opportunity to experience working full-time and at length as a Jesuit and living in an active community. During this time, the men are expected to be fully involved in the apostolic work and community life of the Society.

The work that Jesuits in Regency are assigned to depends on their age, on the apostolic needs of the Provinces of the Society, and on the individual apostolic desires of the candidate. Many of them will be assigned to high schools or other educational establishments, while others will be set to work in social and pastoral ministries.

Below is a series of blogposts by Ugandan Charles Jaryekonga SJ, who spent two years of his Jesuit formation as a regent in Belvedere College SJ from August 2016 to May 2018:

  1. The sun refused to set
  2. Depending on God more
  3. A new cultural identity
  4. Rooted in responsibility