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Dermot Roantree is content editor with Irish Jesuit Communications and he is also the editor of Studies: An Irish Quarterly Review. He has a doctorate in Modern History and many years of teaching and of e-learning projects behind him. He is married with two children.
Challenging prison policy

June 24, 2024

DERMOT ROANTREE (STUDIES) :: In criminal justice, the state must not intrude on the life of citizens any more than is needed to achieve a legitimate social purpose.

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Access to the arts as a human right

March 5, 2024

DERMOT ROANTREE :: The arts have a transformative power that makes them much more than a luxury in a democratic society.

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Seeking justice in this world

December 18, 2023

DERMOT ROANTREE :: Seeking justice in the here and now is integral to the Christian commitment to take the Gospel exhortations and promises seriously.

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Thinking ahead to Ireland’s future

March 7, 2023

DERMOT ROANTREE :: What kind of Ireland do we want in 2030? Many concrete issues need attention, but most of all we must ask from where we will draw our...

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On Heaney, home and homecoming

January 26, 2023

DERMOT ROANTREE [STUDIES] :: Seamus Heaney's modernism is defended from those who would see him as provincial, in a 1986 essay in Studies by Richard Kearney.

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The worldview of Vatican II

December 6, 2022

DERMOT ROANTREE :: The Second Vatican Council articulated an expansive worldview that drew on the deepest traditions of the Church.

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Hope for the future requires remembrance of the past

September 20, 2022

DERMOT ROANTREE :: Christian hope requires remembrance of the past – of the suffering of Christ, and so that of all victims.

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Nationalism and the Christian call to solidarity

June 7, 2022

DERMOT ROANTREE :: Attachment to one's nation should not entail a lessening of one's sense of belonging to wider humanity.

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The Pope and parrhesia

March 8, 2022

DERMOT ROANTREE :: With his frequent calls for Catholics to speak with 'parrhesia', Pope Francis is demonstrating a new way of being pope.

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Democracy stress-tested by COVID-19

December 7, 2021

DERMOT ROANTREE :: The pandemic is the latest and most strenuous test of the strength of democratic commitments in many countries.

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