Tom Casey SJ

Tom Casey SJTom Casey is an Irish Jesuit priest and Dean of the Faculty of Philosophy at the Pontifical University in Maynooth.
The Epiphany: Finding the divine in every moment

January 9, 2020

TOM CASEY SJ :: Epiphany and the meaning of life: Revelations can come to us in an instant and alter the entire course of our existence

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Johnson shows how explosive language can be

October 3, 2019

TOM CASEY SJ :: Boris Johnson's inflammatory language alerts us to the need to watch our own tongues.

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A resounding Hallelujah

November 14, 2016

TOM CASEY :: Leonard Cohen’s song “Hallelujah” stands out from a lot of contemporary pop. It shows the singer's awareness of a key theme of the Bible: surrender.

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How discernment can change your life

September 28, 2016

TOM CASEY SJ :: During convalescence, Ignatius of Loyola learned to examine his life and discover the good desires that were drawing him to God – in other words, he...

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Forever Young: Happy Birthday, Mary!

September 8, 2016

TOM CASEY SJ :: 8 September is a special day for Jesuits, the birthday of Our Lady. It was the traditionally the day on which many Jesuit novices took their...

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Preaching through beauty: Giuseppe Castiglione SJ

July 18, 2016

TOM CASEY SJ :: Jesuit artist Brother Giuseppe Castiglione, famous in China, died 250 years ago on 17 July. We could learn from his example of preaching the Good News...

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Forgiveness in Saints Maria Goretti and Ignatius

July 5, 2016

TOM CASEY SJ :: We all experience conflicts and divisions, most of them less tragic than what Maria Goretti had to undergo. To realise that an 11 year-old girl was...

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Thomas of the Wounds and our vocation

June 29, 2016

TOM CASEY SJ :: St Thomas, who according to tradition was martyred by being pierced with a lance, is a source of inspiration and gratitude for Tom Casey.

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Adoring God at ordination and in ordinary life

June 24, 2016

TOM CASEY SJ :: Fr. Casey recalls one of the most moving moments in his ordination ceremony, when he lay prostrate on the ground before God.

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“The flame that burns twice as bright burns half as long”

June 16, 2016

TOM CASEY SJ :: Tuesday 21 June is the feast day of the Italian Jesuit saint and patron of youth, Aloysius Gonzaga. Fr. Tom Casey reflects on the all-too-brief life...

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