Pat Coyle

Pat Coyle is Director of Communications for the Irish Jesuits. Her academic background was mainly in philosophy, and a great part of her professional background was as a journalist, producer and presenter with RTE, BBC and UTV. She is a mother of two.
Following love into mystery

February 22, 2017

PAT COYLE: : As my daddy lay dying I learned about the mysterious, earth-bound love of God through the miraculous gift of an ear-drop squirter

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The importance of laughter

January 6, 2017

PAT COYLE :: I learned a lot about the power of laughter, when my father was terminally ill. And I've found a philosopher who endorsed my learning.

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What God are you praying to?

December 15, 2016

PAT COYLE : : It took my anger to wake me up to the operative images of G-D I was working out of. Images demeaning of G-D, not worthy of...

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A radiance in dying?

November 18, 2016

PAT COYLE :: The mind may be ravaged by Alzheimer's and the body devoured by cancer, but there are some things which cannot be destroyed.

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On being close to the dead

November 9, 2016

PAT COYLE :: In this month of November, as we remember our departed loved ones in a special way, their absence need not prevent us from seeing how close they...

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Georgetown salutes Fr Heelan

February 13, 2015

PAT COYLE :: Fr Patrick Heelan SJ's death has been well noted by Georgetown University, Washington, where he spent so many years and did so much good work as academic...

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