Jesuit Assistants announced

February 12, 2008 in General, News

Antoine KerhuelTuesday 12 February 12, during a plenary session of the General Congregation, Father General announced the appointment of Regional Assistants. The Western Europe Assistant is Antoine Kerhuel, a French sociologist, expert on the European Union. He has been director of the Centre de recherche et d’actions sociales (Ceras) and editor of Projet. Born in 1957, he has most recently been Vice-Provincial of Southern France.

Fr. Jean-Roger NDOMBI (West Africa) Assistant of Africa
Fr. Marcos RECOLONS (Bolivia) Assistant of Southern Latin America
Fr. Gabriel Ign. RODRÍGUEZ (Colombia) Assistant of Northern Latin America
Fr. Lisbert D’SOUZA (Bombay) Assistant of South Asia
Fr. Daniel HUANG (Philippines) Assistant of East Asia-Oceania
Fr. Adam ZAK (South Poland) Assistant of Central Europe and Eastern Europe
Fr. Joaquín BARRERO (Castille) Assistant of South Europe
Fr. Antoine KERHUEL (France) Assistant of Western Europe
Fr. James GRUMMER (Wisconsin) Assistant of the United States of America