David Coleman talks ‘teenies’ in Belvedere

December 22, 2009 in General, News

dcoleman_01David Coleman, well-known clincial psychologist, author and broadcaster, is guest speaker at the fundraising lecture organised by Belvedere College Parents Association on Tuesday, 26 Jan, 2010 at 7.30pm. “Getting your Child through their Teens in the ‘Teenies‘ ” is the title of his talk and he will address issues like teenagers and emotional intelligence, helping teenagers go forward with confidence in today’s crumbling economy and dealing with difficult teenagers. All proceeds from the night will go to the Belvedere Social Integration Fund which pays all the education costs, including books, uniform and fees, for the ten per cent of students who could not otherwise afford to attend the school. The scheme has been running successfully for a number of years now at the  cost of  half a million euros annually.