Desperate Executives

April 1, 2008 in General, News

desperate_01.jpgNational College of Ireland President Paul Mooney has just published his latest book, Desperate Executives. As the title with its echoes of ‘Desperate Housewives’ suggests, the book is a modern-day fable, but its focus is the world of business rather than middle-class suburbia. It centres around the predominant issues which continually emerge in executive coaching and offers an insight into the typical dilemmas faced by people in leadership and management roles. Since the author himself was an executive coach, it gives a glimpse into that world and the power of the coaching process. Paul Mooney is also involved with the Jesuit Spirituality Centre of Manresa in organising a major conference on Ignatian Humanism and education with Professor Robert Modras from St Louis Univeristy in the States, to be hosted by the NCI in May.