Finding God in grief

June 3, 2015 in 20150603, Featured News, News

Walk with me into the Light: Some Comfort on the Journey Through Grief, is a new and practical booklet from Messenger Publications written by healthcare chaplain Margaret Naughton. It’s a practical guide for those who may be experiencing loss and grief that is recent or surfacing from past experience. It contains significant insights into the grieving process so it’s also of help to those who want to support loved ones effectively in times of loss and sadness.

According to the author, the book is written ‘from the heart and from experience.’ She says those who are bereaved try to re-define the world in terms of their loss. So the book can be used ‘As a companion on the road to a new beginning, not forgetting but remembering with love’.

For the companion of someone experiencing grief and loss the book can be used as a guide as to how best accompany them, being with them through the darkness of their sorrow to the light of a new beginning.

Naughton employs the ‘five stages of grief’ based on the Elizabeth Kübler-Ross model of bereavement. She considers each of the stages methodically and reflects sensitively on where God might be discovered in them. Practical and instructive methods of coping and support are presented for both the bereaved and for those who are assisting the bereaved through their difficult time.

Margaret T Naughton is an experience hospital chaplain currently working in the Bon Secours Hospital, Tralee. She says her work has given her the opportunity to live out her faith commitment  each day of her life. Naughton is actively involved in parish and Diocesan activities in the Kerry Diocese, allowing her to reach others. Naughton has been previously published in The Carer, Horizons, Reality, Doctrine and Life.

Walk with me into the light is €3.99 and is available in all good book stores or on