Pioneers on the run

November 9, 2010 in General, News

pbrady_01_0There were three runners representing the Pioneers in the Dublin City Marathon – the first such entry by the Association. Its CEO, Padraig Brady (pictured here in his running gear), led the team. Derry-based Harry McNulty, a  Pioneer Diocesan Treasurer  is a runner with 43 marathons under his belt. The third man was Paul O’Hare from Belfast, who has previously run marathons in London and New York. Padraig Brady commented: “We were delighted to have entered a team for this year’s Dublin City Marathon. I would like to thank Harry and Paul for so generously giving their support to our Association. The Association also appreciates the support we received from many people North and South in sponsoring us for the marathon. We look forward to entering a team for every forthcoming Dublin City Marathon.”