Sacred Space: Advent and Christmas 2023

November 20, 2023 in News

In the build-up to Advent and Christmas, Messenger Publications has launched the Sacred Space daily prayer book Advent and Christmas 2023. Based on the same format as the popular online prayer website », it provides steps for each week of Advent to help the reader pray, reflect, listen and come closer to God. It also goes through the Christmas period right up to the feast of the Epiphany,6 January 2024.

Each day the reader is guided to begin with the template “Something to think and Pray about each day”. They then can follow a series of short steps, “The Presence of God”, “Freedom” and “Consciousness” to help them become receptive to hearing the word of God, which is the gospel reading for that particular day.

The Advent retreat section at the back of the book details passages from the Scriptures, prayer suggestions, an invitation to experience stillness, and reflection points.

Advent and Christmas 2023 by Messengers Publications, costs €7.95, and you can purchase it by clicking here »