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October 12, 2010 in General, News

kingston_02This summer, over 70 young adults volunteered to work in Africa and Jamaica with Magis Ireland – Jesuit Centre for Young Adults. They worked on various justice projects including building for and working with children, many from disadvantaged backgrounds. For some of the children it was their first time ever to engage with ‘white’ young European adults. And for the young people from Ireland it was also a new ‘eye opening’ experience made easier by the support of the ‘Jesuit family’ in each country. The young adults’ feedback was very positive, as you may see from their accounts of their experiences below.“Here in Kingston, we are working in St Annie Summer School, with over 130 children, age 5-13 years and they are so welcoming. The recent violence in West Kingston is quite evident, as the children recount heart-breaking stories of losing loved ones and homes a mere matter of weeks ago.  Last week we visited Tivoli Gardens, the area in which most of the troubles took place. It felt strange being there, having heard so much about it in the news over the past few weeks. The buildings were sprayed with bullet holes, and there was a heavy police presence in the area. Before entering Tivoli, police asked us our business there and searched our bags. We saw bombed and burnt out homes, and visited a couple of homes where people had been killed. It was quite difficult hearing the families recount their stories, and all we could do was pray with them for the souls of their loved ones.”

Volunteer in Jamaica

In Lusaka I am overwhelmed with the love the people show to us. My heart is wide open, feeling the unconditional love that the kids at St. Lawerence Home of Hope have taught us in the midst of the pain and suffering that street life has brought them. The kids have nothing here but when you look at them closely they have love of God and happiness deep in their hearts.”

Volunteer in Zambia

If you are interested in these challenging  but exciting opportunities and would like to take up a leadership role as a volunteer  next year please contact  Debbie at 01 8880606/8943165. E-mail [email protected] Application forms are available on our web site: Closing date is November 28th 2010.