What makes a school Jesuit?

April 5, 2011 in General, News

Australian Jesuit Richard Leonard was back in Ireland in late March to give three workshops. On Friday 25 March, he led teachers from the Jesuit colleges in exploring what it is that makes a school Jesuit. He spent the following day with members of the Boards of Management from the Le Chéile Schools Trust, working on the question ‘what makes a school Catholic?’ Richard’s third workshop was with R.E. teachers from Le Cheile Trust schools. It was called ‘Camera, Lights, Action’ and was based on his book ‘Movies that Matter’, in which he analyses modern media and youth culture and responds to it from a positive, Christian perspective. During his stay Richard did a number of interviews with Pat Coyle of the JCC, both for local radio and for RNN. Listen to him on ‘what makes a school Catholic’ here.