A Pentecostal blessing

May 23, 2022 in Featured News, News

This year, 2022, Pentecost Sunday takes place on 5 June. The name comes from the Greek word “pentekoste” which means fiftieth as Pentecost Sunday takes place on the 50th day of Easter. As the date is based on Easter, this day is a moveable feast.

In 2009, the day fell on May 31 and Religious News Network (RNN) marked it with a reading from Glenstal Abbey, by Benedictine monk Mark Patrick Hederman. The reflection was entitled ‘The Holy Spirit is in the Air that we Breathe’ and it is taken from the album Biscantorat, recorded by the monks in their monastery chaple in Murroe Co. Limerick in the autumn of 2003. The CD contains a selection of hymns, chants and readings recorded by the Monks of Glenstal Abbey and features Noirin Ni Rian, and Marie-Bernadette O’Connor (also known as Sinead O’Connor.)

Although from our RNN archive of 13 years ago, the petitions are still remarkably relevant and even more urgent today.

May you be blessed as you listen this Pentecost Sunday.