Imogen Stuart: Remembering a “treasure”

May 27, 2024 in Uncategorized

In this interview with Pat Coyle of Jesuit Communications, Jesuit Brian Grogan remembers his friend Imogen Stuart. Imogen was a renowned artist and sculptor born in Germany and later settled in Ireland. She died at the age of 96 on the 24 March 2024. Brian recalls some of Imogen’s most notable work including a ‘meditation beehive cell’ made of cedar wood and a sculpture named ‘Pangur Bán’ a 1976 art installation based on a 9th century poem, written in Irish and found on the margins of a manuscript in the monastery of St. Paul in Austria.

Brian says that her work is “not just to be viewed objectively but to be lived”. The photo above is one of Imogen’s portrayals of the crucifixion and is used by the Jesuits as their profile picture on Facebook.