‘Make the road by walking it’

June 2, 2020 in coronavirus, Featured News, Featured Podcasts, News

Myles O’Reilly SJ has recorded a guided meditation for anyone who would like to explore more deeply the impact of the Covid-19 crisis on their life and make the road ahead by walking it. Myles is the founder of Anamcharadas the spiritual accompaniment group and is currently their director of training.

Myles takes as his framework the much-loved gospel story of the despondent disciples who meet the Risen Jesus as they make their way back from Jerusalem to Emmaus.

He invites the listener to ponder for themselves in their own lives, the type of questions that haunted the two followers of Christ.

“What has become of your hopes and dreams in this time of worldwide pandemic?” he asks; “What are your griefs and losses, what sorrows do you or your loved ones face?”

The participant is guided along the road by Myles, with time for reflection on each insight he shares and each question he poses.

The two disciples feel their ‘hearts burn within them’ as they share their pain with Jesus and listen to Him. “What gives you hope or cause for gratitude,” Myles asks. “Who inspires you –  the bin men, the shop workers, the health care staff?”

Finally, hope is fully restored as Jesus breaks bread with the two travellers. “Who has shared the Eucharist of their being with you?” prompts Myles; “Who are you Eucharist to in your life?”

Listen to or download the guided meditation above. If you are at a crossroads on your own journey and would like to talk to someone as a result of this meditation you can email Myles at: [email protected].

2 June 2020