Spiritual Direction

December 2, 2014 in Prayer and Spirituality

Saint Ignatius, who describes himself as a pilgrim on a journey through life, tells us in his Autobiography how he frequently engaged with his fellow pilgrims in ‘spiritual conversation’. This was one of his more remarkable gifts. ‘He so adapted himself to those with whom he conversed,’ said one of his early companions, ‘that he evoked amazing movements in them. He had such insight into them that he almost seemed to enter into their mind and heart.’

From the tradition received from Saint Ignatius, the Jesuits continue this ministry of ‘spiritual conversation’, or spiritual direction. In a trusting atmosphere and through respectful listening, we hope to help people to discover their own deepest desires and to hear the gentle voice of God calling to them in their hearts.

Manresa the Jesuit Centre of Spirituality offers spiritual direction which usually takes place on a monthly basis for about an hour. Since it involves meeting a person individually, it is only possible for us in Manresa to accept a relatively small number of people for spiritual direction. We are happy, however, wherever possible, to suggest a spiritual director living close to you from among those who have completed our two-year Diploma Course in the Ministry of Spiritual Direction.

Photo: Colin Zhu / Flickr