Year of Mercy

On 8 December 2015 Pope Francis opened the holy door in the atrium of St Peter's Basilica in Rome. With this act he inaugurated the Jubilee Year of Mercy. God, the Pope said, “never tires of casting open the doors of his heart and of repeating that he loves us and wants to share his love with us. The Church feels the urgent need to proclaim God’s mercy.”

Pat Coyle speaks to Fr Gerry Whelan SJ in Rome about Pope Francis's apostolic exhortation on the family, Amoris Laetitia. This document, Gerry remarks, is more significant, more ground-breaking, than a cursory reading of it would suggest. Gerry lectures in Theology in the Gregorian University, Rome.

Love and the law

June 20, 2022

Richard Leonard SJ gives traditional church teaching on gospel values a modern day make-over in his latest book 'The Law of Love: Modern Language for Ancient Wisdom.'

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Creating a climate of inclusivity

May 17, 2017

Donal Godfrey SJ has been honoured by the San Fransisco university (USF) for his "extraordinary service to the university and the community at large"

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Open to one another’s traditions

February 8, 2017

Reverend Helen Freeburn is a Presbyterian minister at the United Methodist and Presbyterian Church in Galway. Her Church specialises in welcoming the stranger

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‘Be ecclesial, not clerical,’ Pope tell Jesuits at GC36

October 24, 2016

Pope Francis set a precedent when he chose to meet with Jesuit delegates at GC36 in their own curia, instead of having them go to meet him

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Divining the future at GC36

October 7, 2016

John Guiney SJ says the last three days have been intense for the Jesuit delegates in Rome to elect their new leader

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Being called to forgive

August 31, 2016

Richard Leonard SJ has identified six themes that permeate Pope Francis' thinking on mercy. He spoke about them to the thousands who came to Knock Shrine.

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The ‘scandal’ of God’s mercy

August 31, 2016

Three years ago Pat Storey became the first woman bishop in Ireland and the UK. She speaks here about her personal understanding and experience of mercy in this jubilee year.

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A Presbyterian take on mercy

audio May 25, 2016

Rev Alan Boal speaks about Pope Francis and mercy in the wake of recent gangland killings on his doorstep.

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A Lutheran take on mercy

audio May 5, 2016

Lutheran Amanda Berg endorses Pope Francis' message of mercy offers her own views on mercy and grace.

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Mercy from the womb of God

audio April 27, 2016

Dr. Jessie Rogers, a lecturer in Biblical Studies who describes herself as 'an ecumenical Christian', welcomes the Pope's Year of Mercy.

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