Brian Lennon’s book on Forgiving

May 12, 2009 in General, News

blennon_01.jpgBrian Lennon’s book So You Can’t Forgive…? is now on its second printing. Recently he and Nuala O’Loan (former Police Ombudsman) were the speakers at a recent launch of it in Omagh. Over 100 attended. Several years ago Nuala suffered a miscarriage after being injured in a bomb. It took her 18 years to recognise that she `had not walked in the shoes of the men who took the life of my unborn baby…I could not know how I might have behaved if I had lived their lives, and so at the end of the day all I could do was to leave them to God’.

Nuala referred to her son who was left with great pain after a sectarian attack. On TV an interviewer said to him: “You must hate the scum who did this to you.” His response was swift: “Not at all. They have more problems than I do”. He was moving towards freedom. She said: `I think that Brian’s book is a gift to those who walk the road to forgiveness. I wish that it had been written earlier. It is the story that we must all have known most of our lives. We just somehow don’t always seem to understand it.’