New Ignatian-inspired website

May 13, 2020 in Featured News, News

Gavin Thomas Murphy, a prolific blogger on spirituality and mental health and author of Bursting Out in Praise, has launched a new website entitled Gratitude in All Things ». Inspired by the Ignatian approach of ‘finding God in all things’, his short blogposts, podcasts and videos attempt to tune into the many gifts that are showered upon us each day, to journey with each other and to respond to our world with a full expression of our giftedness. It is a light series of reflections which he hopes gives solace to the soul.

My Murphy gives an account of his own journey of healing from writing on his experience living with bipolar disorder – a mental illness known for its severe changes and challenges in mood – to moving onto a new chapter of his life. He was deeply grateful for the opportunity to communicate on platforms such as, Thinking Faith, and RTE Radio 1. At the same time, it took huge emotional investment being associated with bipolar on a continuous basis, and he felt called to expand his horizons to write on the emerging field of contemplative wisdom for wellbeing.

“It is deeply heartwarming to open up to something new. I have been around the Jesuits for many years now and they are like brothers to me. I feel blessed to be able to do my bit in writing on the wisdom of the contemplative traditions for the wellbeing of others.

Jesuits have taught me that I must always examine and know myself before attempting to do something challenging like finding gratitude in all things! I hope by being faithful to practices such as Ignatian contemplation, the Examen and discernment that I will somehow connect with the bursts of loveliness in each day and communicate them to the world.”

Examples of content for Gratitude in All Things include 300 word blogposts on an ancient story of gratitude between the senior servant of Abraham and Rebekah, finding God in nature and in the “sound of sheer silence”, and a reflection on the Road to Emmaus.

There are three minute guided meditations on mindfulness techniques, finding things we can be thankful for in the news and our personal lives, experiencing an ordinary event of our day in an extraordinary way and connecting with a personal mantra of praise.

See also above for one of Mr Murphy’s videos on the spiritual dynamism toward ‘bursting out in praise’ in the midst of pain or suffering and the singing of his own personal prayer entitled The Magnificent Magnificat of Mary.