Short Notices

November 17, 2009 in General, News
  • rompuys_01This Tuesday afternoon, bookmaker Paddy Power tips the Belgian Prime Minister to be the EU’s first president next  week. Herman Van Rompuy’s home page is mostly devoted to quotations and poems from his favourite writers rather than to politics. Although he has opted for a national focus, Van Rompuy says his Jesuit upbringing imbued him with a strong European identity. “When I was a student, the memory of the war was still fresh in everyone’s minds. So our teachers organised exchanges with other European Jesuit colleges. That left a deep impression on me, because I realised that we were all deep down so very similar.”
  • For those who know and often ask about Fr Bill Johnston in Japan, the latest news is of little change in his condition. His right side is paralysed and he is fed through the nose. He cannot read or write, and his attempts to speak are impossible to understand. For a man who has been so bright and articulate, this is truly the Cloud of Unknowing, a dark night of the soul.
  • John Brady SJ, a former President of the National College of Ireland,  is to be conferred with an honorary doctorate by NCI at the RDS on Friday 20th November at 11.30.
  • Joe Greenan, the Provincial’s Human Resources and Training Consultant, was conferred with a Diploma in Employment Law by the Law Society.
  • SOUL JOURNEY will be held in Gardiner Street Church from 6.0 to 6.30 p.m. each Monday from 23 November to 14 December. It consists of  Guided Prayer /Meditation with introduction – preparing for Christmas. It is is a weekly guided prayer in the Ignatian chapel, a quiet, candle-lit space to the right of the main altar at the top of the church. It will offer some insights for meditative prayer and an opportunity for spiritual exploration, using methods based on Ignatian spirituality and centering prayer. Arrive earlier if you wish –  the prayer space will be available with quiet music and candlelight before the prayer begins.
  • Michael O’Sullivan returned a few days ago from Montreal where he presided at a session of the International Society for the Study of Christian Spirituality.  He was also the co-organiser of a session in Montreal on Pedagogical Engagements: The Arts and Spiritual Transformation. He returned from Montreal in time to chair a public lecture at All Hallows on Dorothy Day given by Patrick Jordan, Managing Editor of Commonweal, and Editor of a book on the writings of Dorothy Day that appeared in that journal during a 44-year period.


17-18 November: Visitation of Galway

19 November: Meetings in Dublin

20 November: Visitation of JCFJ and Mission Office

20-21 November: Province Consult

23 November: Meetings in Dublin

24 November: Visitation of John Austin House