Trinity talk

May 18, 2022 in Featured News, News

Gerry Foley talks to 2 more 1982 graduates from Trinity College Dublin. 

Gerry Whelan SJ was a recent guest on the popular Trinity College Dublin podcast series Trinity reConnecteD, hosted by former TCD graduate Gerry Foley. Click here to listen ».

Gerry Foley graduated 40 years ago, and in this podcast series he catches up with fellow graduates from across all disciplines to see how their careers and lives have turned out. Over the course of twelve episodes between January and the end of June, he has been chatting to entrepreneurs, social workers, leading scientists, engineers, poets, academics, fellow journalists and senior clergy. Each episode features 1982 news headlines from Ireland and abroad.

Gerry Whelan SJ is now Director of the Dept of Fundamental Theology in the Gregorian University in Rome. He was joined in the interview by fellow graduate Dr Charles McMullen who looks after a large and vibrant Presbyterian congregation in Northern Ireland. Dr McMullen is also a former Moderator of the Presbyterian Church.

Both men speak about their respective vocations, their journeys towards ordination, and what it means to them to have ‘surrendered’ their life to Jesus.

They also reminisce about their time in TCD a lifetime ago, including running the “brill cream ball’ as a member of the ‘Rock and Roll Society’, the miscommunication that can occasionally occur when a Northerner tries to book a plane ticket from a Dubliner, and why they both have very special (albeit entirely different) memories of life-changing moments near Trinity’s Campanile.