Voting out of hope, not fear

September 1, 2009 in General, News

egrace_01Edmond Grace SJ has an article in last week’s Irish Catholic entitled ‘Lisbon, Life and Open Government.’ In this week’s newsletter Edmond continues the series he began last week making the case for a yes vote in the Lisbon referendum. This week there are two short attachments. In the first he argues why the second vote is needed because “the last time…  people voted, on both sides, out of fear. The ‘no’ voters feared for Irish sovereignty. The ‘yes’ voters feared for Irish jobs. Whichever side wins this time, let it be a victory for hope so that those whose arguments prevail can turn to their fellow citizens and say ‘join us in our hope for the future.’” The second attachment is the written text of last week’s podcast.

Lisbon: Vote Yes – No. 1

Lisbon Vote Yes – No. 2

Irish Catholic article