Catholic social teaching

The worldview of Vatican II

December 6, 2022

DERMOT ROANTREE :: The Second Vatican Council articulated an expansive worldview that drew on the deepest traditions of the Church.

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Sons of Ignatius podcast: Social Fruitful Hopeful

July 1, 2022

Fr Niall and Fr Dave wrap up for the summer and reflect on their series on Catholic Social Teaching.

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Sons of Ignatius podcast: Gospel of life

June 17, 2022

Fr Dave and Fr Niall get into the topical subject of Catholic Social Teaching and the dignity of life.

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Sons of Ignatius podcast: Work work work

June 3, 2022

Fr Dave Lugo and Fr Niall Leahy talk about the theology of work and discuss some of the real issues affecting workers today.

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Studies: Christian ethics and the future of work

January 13, 2020

The current issue of Studies publishes the proceedings of a workshop on Christian ethical perspectives on the changing face of work

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Flying in the face of justice

April 11, 2017

Kevin Hargaden: : The story of Holy Week comes alive as we watch a video of a Chinese doctor being brutally evicted off a United Airlines plane.

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