Holy Rosary Sister joins JCC

May 7, 2008 in General, News

Sr. Vivian Atime, mshrSr. Vivian Atime, a Missionary Sister of the Holy Rosary, joins the Jesuit Communication Centre on a voluntary basis to gain work experience in her area of specialization, which is communication. She graduated with a degree in Social Communication from Tangaza College, the Catholic University of Eastern Africa in Nairobi, Kenya. She specialized in Print Journalism. Vivian is from the middle belt part of Nigeria, known as Benue State.

The Holy Rosary Sisters are an international missionary Congregation founded by Bishop Joseph Shanahan, CSSp. He was a great Irish missionary from County Tipperary. The Congregation, which started in 1924 with seven members (Irish and American), has grown and spread to many parts of Africa and other parts of the world. Their principal aim is to foster the dignity of women and to support their families. In their various ministries they equip and empower people to develop their potential mainly through education and social work. “We are always searching for new and better ways in which to find and nurture the seed that is Christ in every culture, and one of such ways now would be through the mass media, which realistically has become a major agent of socialization”. Vivian will be working at the JCC for some months, preparing herself for the mission ahead.