Ignatian humanism for today

May 6, 2008 in General, News

modras_01.jpgAs part of its Arrupe Seminar Series, Manresa has invited Ronald Modras, Professor of Theology at St Louis University, to be principal speaker at a public seminar on Transforming Education. Professor Modras will lecture on ‘Ignatian Humanism’. In his book of the same name (full title: Ignatian Humanism: a Dynamic Spirituality for the 21st Century), he stresses the fact that Jesuit spirituality is rooted in a humanism which values the secular world, the diversity of world cultures, and scholarship of every hue. Professor Modras’ lecture will take place at the National College of Ireland (Mayor Street, IFSC, Dublin 1) on Saturday 24 May at 11.00am. To register for this seminar, go to Jesuit.ie’s Modras page.