Reflections on Zambia

May 13, 2008 in Education, General, International, News

Gonzaga students in ZambiaA group of fifth year students from Gonzaga College SJ travelled to Zambia with Habitat For Humanity over Easter 2008, the third year that the college students have being involved in building houses together with families in need. This year sixteen students travelled along with four teachers for a three week period during their holidays. One of the students, Karl Aherne, has written a reflection on the experience.

Zambia trip by Karl Aherne (fifth year student in Gonzaga College)

It was March 16th when four teachers and 16 of us headed off from school. We were on our way to Zambia. After many months of fundraising and anticipation the time had finally arrived. Every one of us lucky students to have been chosen couldn’t wait to see what was in store for us. Impatience grew considerably.

The experiences we had were unforgettable. From the dozens of happy children we spent time with over our ten enjoyable working days to the cultural learning of our new southern hemispherical surroundings and much more. We were to build two houses. It sounds tougher than it was, but with great influential leadership skills by the builders, with us on site and the great teamwork, co-operation and enjoyment amongst the group, results were seen to be effective.

Our weekend trip to the lower Zambezi was tremendous fun and a very relaxing weekend to finish off one week of work and before going into the next.

Before we left Africa we visited Livingston to see the Great Victoria Falls. The seven and a half hour journey to it seemed worth it in the end after we witnessed such a spectacular view. The many extremely pleasant native people we met over there will never be forgotten. After eighteen days it was time to leave – the work was all done. It was time to go home.

We have left Africa and we’re home now but the happy memories of it will never leave our minds.