Pope Video: Rediscover the beauty of reconciliation

March 2, 2021

In this month's Pope Video, the Holy Father speaks of the sacrament of reconciliation as a deep experience of God's infinite love and mercy

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Sacrament of the sick

March 24, 2020

Richard Leonard SJ, author of 'Where the Hell is God?', talks to Pat Coyle about a holistic view of healing in light of the signs of the times

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New challenges, new solutions

March 21, 2020

Irish Jesuit Bishop of Raphoe, Alan McGuckian, responds to Covid-19 crisis by having his daily Mass livestreamed on RTÉ

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Sacrament of Confirmation

March 10, 2020

Fr Richard Leonard SJ, best-selling author, speaks to Pat Coyle of Irish Jesuit Communications about the gifts of the Spirit in modern and accessible language

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Sacrament of penance

January 21, 2020

Australian Jesuit Fr Richard Leonard speaks to Pat Coyle on the sacrament of penance in light of his book 'Hatch, Match & Dispatch: A Catholic Guide to Sacraments'

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Marriage and ‘amazing grace’

November 27, 2019

Richard Leonard SJ explains his personal attitude to marrying and walking with young people amid changing circumstances and puts great trust in the grace of the sacrament

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Eucharist – ‘the meal of sacrificial love’

October 30, 2019

Richard Leonard SJ takes a closer look at the meal with Jesus and the apostles in his podcast series on the sacraments

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The full immersion of baptism

October 8, 2019

Richard Leonard SJ speaks to Pat Coyle on the meaning of baptism, using stories and film to attend to diverse pastoral needs

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