Pope Video: Rediscover the beauty of reconciliation

March 2, 2021 in Featured News, Featured Videos, News

In the Pope Video for March 2021, Pope Francis invites us to experience the sacrament of reconciliation with renewed depth, to taste the forgiveness and infinite mercy of God.

Francis’ message about confession aims to highlight the primacy of God’s love in our life and centres our attention on God’s goodness and not on our failings. The video wants to emphasize the universality of reconciliation. The stories of the young protagonists reflect the restlessness of our heart which, as St Augustine said, is restless until it rests in God.

Irish Jesuit Paddy Carberry reflects on the sacrament of reconciliation in Living Prayer 2021. He writes:

“In this month’s intention, Pope Francis is inviting us to return to a renewed appreciation of this sacrament as a support for our journey through life. He is not asking us to return to the old ways, however.

He wants us to come with a renewed depth, based on the conviction that what is central to this sacrament is not our own failings and sins, which we humbly acknowledge, but the infinite mercy of God, freely given, gratefully received.”

The Pope Video presents the Pope’s prayer intention to the entire Catholic Church through the Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network.

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