Missionary spring in the Church

October 2, 2019 in Featured News, Featured Videos, News, Pray with the Pope

The Pope Video for October 2019 is directed to all Catholics, inviting them to reawaken their missionary awareness and face “the challenge of proclaiming Jesus and his death and resurrection.” It is presented in the framework of the beginning of the Extraordinary Missionary Month (EMM)—#MissionaryOctober—convoked by Pope Francis. It is estimated that 37% of the Universal Church is mission territory; that is to say, more than a third of the Catholic Church.

Triona Doherty reflects on the Pope’s intention in Living Prayer. She writes: “Being a missionary disciple should not be a sombre, heavy chore. If the joy of the Gospel truly fills our hearts, we should be unable to contain it. Like the disciples who received the Spirit at Pentecost, we will burst out into the world, eager to share our joy.”

The starting point of the missionary endeavor is the joy of the Gospel, and Pope Francis explains that it must be proclaimed with respect for the cultures and traditions of all people, with the awareness that “the soul of the mission is prayer.”

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