Not just wishful thinking

November 24, 2020 in Featured News, News

‘The stubborn evidence for the resurrection of Jesus’ is the title and theme of Brian Grogan SJ’s second of four talks via Zoom, for Knock Shrine, on Wednesday 11 November 2020 at 8.30 pm. The talks are all centered on the theme of life after death, the possibility of it, and what we might dare say about it. You can watch the video above and read or download Brian’s notes here.

The title of each talk sums up his theme for the night and in this talk he outlines the evidence for the fact that Jesus rose from the dead, beginning with the transformation of his disciples. They were terrified and dejected after Christ’s crucifixion, but shortly afterward, they experience something so powerful that they are able to continue Jesus’ work of healing and preaching the good news of God’s compassion even if it means certain death.

Brian says the hope that people had been longing for – that death was not the end – has been fulfilled in the resurrection of Jesus. Through Christ’s resurrection, God reminds us that God is still unimaginably close, evil has been overcome, and death is not the end but rather an ‘in-between moment’.

This video is meant to be a conversational contribution by Brian for those reflecting on the Christian vision of life after death. He says will be helpful to all those who view the videos or read his notes. He also hopes that such reflection might enrich this month of November for people in Knock and elsewhere who are remembering loved ones who have died or are simply thinking about their own death one day.

See also talk three, ‘Joyous homecoming’, live-streamed on Wednesday 18 November. His final talk will be broadcast on Wednesday 25 November and is entitled ‘God’s Great Project for the World’.