New Justice Education Co-ordinator

November 23, 2016 in News

Krizan Vekic has taken up the position of Justice Education Co-ordinator for the Jesuit Education Desk. This new role, supported by Jesuit Missions, evolved from the Development Education programme which was coordinated by Brid Dunne.

Justice Education encompasses four key areas of Justice: Development Education, Environmental Justice, Migrants and Refugees, and Social Inequality. Impassioned by the call ‘to serve’, the programme seeks to support those within schools as they embed justice across all areas of Jesuit school life; school programmes (curricular and co-curricular), teacher formation, school policy and school structure.

The Justice Education programme has adopted the expression ‘the courage to do much’ which originates from a letter Francis Xavier’s wrote to Ignatius Loyola from India. In the letter, Francis spoke passionately about China, India, and Japan, and asked Ignatius for the support of ‘persons with the courage to do much and in many places’.

Some 460 years later, Pope Francis seeks the same courage in the struggle to create a more just world. Justice Education seeks to inspire a ‘faith that does Justice’, and thus, brings to the fore Arrupe’s avowal that we cannot ‘separate action for justice’ from the ‘proclamation of the Word of God’.

Originally from Melbourne, Australia, now living in Dublin, Krizan is of Croatian heritage. Since graduating with an Education degree from the University of Melbourne in the mid-1990’s, he has worked in education at second and third level, in both a teaching and a research capacity. He has a Masters in Equality Studies from University College Dublin and a PhD from Mater Dei Institute of Education.

Krizan has spent the last ten years in Dublin teaching History and Geography. He has a great passion for justice and this is reflected in much of his work to date. He says that he has been fortunate to have worked with so many who share this passion and he hopes that his work as Justice Education co-ordinator will add to the already great work being done across Jesuit schools in Ireland.

Krizan is based at the Jesuit Centre for Faith and Justice in Dublin. He can be contacted by telephone 01-8556814 or email [email protected].