Young people’s new path to conversion

December 19, 2022 in Featured Podcasts, News

In this Sons of Ignatius podcast, Fr Niall Leahy SJ speaks to Tony Foy about his role as Executive Director of NET Ministries Ireland – a missionary organisation that trains young adults to evangelise youth across Ireland. One of the main subjects of conversation is the influence of Eucharistic Adoration in attracting new people to the Church.

Drawing from American research, My Foy says that people are having conversions in adoration and in other ministries that are running parallel to the Church. He says, “They lead to an openness for Jesus to come into a person’s life”. Fr Niall also shares his positive experience of Adoration in his parish. He says, “You can really talk to God in your own words” and in a “heart to heart” way.

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