Vera Moynes

Reflecting on Jesuit times past

November 20, 2019

After reading through the 'Irish Jesuit Annual Letters' published recently, Bill Toner SJ reflects on the shape of Jesuit life in 17th century Ireland

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Jesuit Letters book launched

September 24, 2019

The Irish Jesuit Annual Letters, 1604-1674, edited by Vera Moynes, was launched on 13 September by the publishers, The Irish Manuscripts Commission

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Life through the lens of Ireland’s first Jesuits

August 27, 2019

A new book on letters by Irish Jesuits in the 17th century shows that although they were very small in number at the time, the Jesuits we making their mark...

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Strong Irish presence at Jesuit studies symposium

August 2, 2019

Participants at an archivist conference in Boston College heard about four-hundred-year-old letters of St Ignatius found inside the columns of an altar to Our Lady in 2016

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