Special monthly videos for Ignatian Year

October 26, 2021 in Featured News, News, The Ignatian Year

The Jesuit global headquarters have started to publish special monthly videos with Father General Arturo Sosa SJ as a companion to his book Walking with Ignatius. From September 2021 to July 2022, the videos aim is to help enrich people’s lives and prayer during the Ignatian Year. The videos are originally published in Spanish – Fr Sosa’s native tongue – with subtitles in English, Spanish, French and Italian.

In the first video, Fr Sosa speaks about people who act in partnership with the Jesuit mission for a more just and humane world. Click here for the first video ».

In the second video, Fr Sosa invites people to reflect on God’s call for them through the people, places and experiences of their lives. Click here for the second video ».

Walking with Ignatius covers topics such as the life of Saint Ignatius Loyola, the life story of Fr Sosa, the challenge of the unsettling twenty-first century and the future of the Church. Click here for more information on Walking with Ignatius ».

Use #ignatius500 to share this story during the Ignatian Year, which celebrates the 500th anniversary of the conversion of ‘the wounded saint’ Ignatius Loyola.