Business and the Earth

December 14, 2021 in Featured Podcasts, News

Irish Jesuit Edmond Grace, Secretary for Ecology at the Jesuit European Social Centre (JESC) in Brussels, has written a book entitled Business and the Earth: A Reflection on Laudato Si’. In this podcast interview with Pat Coyle, he tells the interesting story of how the book came about and he examines the role that business can play in the light of Laudato Si’.

Edmond discusses business themes from the Pope’s encyclical, including seeing business as a noble vocation. A key point in his book is that the motive of responsible business is not profit, but estalishing something of human worth.

He speaks of a contemplative element in business – for example, the intuition of companies that provide renewable energy. He says, “What is needed is to say: how do you encourage this entrepreneurship, not this making of money.”